Bedroom Refurbishment for Brandon

Testimonial For Saima of Sai Interiors

My Astonishing Bedroom! (5 Stars!)

Before my new room came, it was the same room, but it looked smaller! I wanted to trade rooms with my sister, but when Saima came along I knew my new bedroom was going to be brilliant!

We first talked about the layout and what I need. I needed a bed, desk, shelves and wardrobe. Then Saima measured my room, she found the 4 stuff I need and we brought it!

My end results were astonishing and has told me to keep my room tidy.

If you're looking for a designer for your room, Saima's the one!

5 *****'s

Brandon, aged 10.




Bedroom before Bedroom after 1 Bedroom after 2 Testimonial